Murder Mysteries for 2017

Posted on June 10th, 2017 in Bed and Breakfast, Events.

Come to this blog page for information about upcoming murder mysteries at Silver Heart Inn. If you’ve never been to one of our murder mysteries, here is what to expect.

July Murder Mystery:

I Loathe a Parade – July 8th, 5:30 PM

FirecrackerJoe Possumz was first elected mayor of the community of Elmtown (population 12,000) twelve years ago. At that time, the 4th of July parade was a ten minute affair, consisting of four units and a lot of fire trucks. With the mayor’s backing, the parade has become a holiday extravaganza. The 80-plus units in the parade now take two hours to pass by the reviewing stand, where the mayor gazes with pride at the event that he built and nurtured.

This year’s parade was unforgettable. As always, Mayor Possumz was in the reviewing stand, waving at the parade while wearing his famous red-white-and-blue bowtie. As the final drum-and-bugle corps passed by, the mayor bit into a hot dog coated with traditional brown mustard and topped off with a dark-green dill pickle. When he finished the culinary treat, Possumz wiped the perspiration off his brow, smiled faintly at the crowd and collapsed. To the amazement of those nearby, the local doctor rushed to him, checked for a pulse, and pronounced him dead.

Any politician is only as secure as his last controversial decision, and the mayor has made many enemies over the years. Could one of them have done in the mayor as he was enjoying his most noteworthy accomplishment?

Admission includes:

– Participation in Murder Mystery
– Gourmet Dinner

Overnight stay option. Rooms are limited and on a first-come-first-served basis. Two guests, dinner, room, breakfast and Mystery tickets included. Please call for assistance with this special package reservation.

Tickets for the next Mystery are available online here.

August Murder Mystery:

Death Bemoans Her – August 12th, 5:30 PM

It was the quarterly meeting of the Gazillionaire Girls Group, an exclusive club whose membership is comprised of successful women who made it big without relying upon the other gender. The hostess for this unique gathering was entertainment guru Bertha Brothert. Her upscale line of products appeals to the nouveau riche.

Brothert’s yacht, ‘The Perfection’ was the scene of the meeting. A special guest was present to entertain the Group’s members and to predict their futures. Famed fortuneteller Madame Magda pulled out her crystal ball and told the assembled clique of distinguished daughters of destiny that many good things await them.

Suddenly, a shocked expression crossed the mystic’s face as she shuddered in horror. The crystal ball, she proclaimed, was emphatic in predicting that someone would soon die.

The next morning, true to her words, a body was found floating nearby the yacht. It was Madame Magda herself who was the victim!

October Murder Mystery:

Death in Them Thar Hills – October 14th, 5:30 PM

Prospector Dusty Jones found gold and struck it rich. Why would anyone want to kill him?

November Murder Mystery:

Gobble, Gobble, Death and Trouble – November 4th, 5:30 PM

His turkey recipe was to die for!