Murder Mysteries in Kansas City & Independence Missouri - Mystery Schedule


Come to this page for information about upcoming murder mysteries at Silver Heart Inn.  If you’ve never been to one of our murder mysteries, here is what to expect.

June Murder Mystery:

The Curse of the CometJune 8th, 5:30 PM

It is September 17, 1945. The world is free from war for the first time in nearly a decade.

Last night, the comet Hopkay made its first appearance in the heavens in over 400 years. The celestial messenger was last seen in 1545, the year that the native Central American chief Hopkay met an untimely demise. His people, the Intecs, interred him in a tomb which they said must be sacrosanct for all time.

A little over 10 years ago, archeologist Myron Mason found that tomb and robbed it of its treasures. An inscription on the wall of the crypt proclaimed that whoever desecrated the spot would be cursed. When the comet reappeared, said the writing, the chief’s revenge would be carried out.

Gathering to disprove the ancient curse an in a carnival mood, Mason and a few acquaintances awaited the event at his brother’s Beverly Hills home. They laughed and talked into the night, peering through telescopes to catch the first glimpse of the comet. As it came into view, they joked of the supposed consequences. It was the curse of an uneducated, emotional people. Or was it?

This morning, Myron Mason’s body was found draped over the thorn bushes. Was it the Curse of the Comet, or foul play?

Admission includes:

– Participation in Murder Mystery
– You can be a suspect!
– Gourmet Dinner

Overnight stay option.  Rooms are limited and on a first-come-first-served basis.  Two guests, dinner, room, breakfast and Mystery tickets included.  Please call for assistance with this special package reservation.

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August Murder Mystery:

Evil on the BeachAugust 10th, 5:30 PM

It is November 12, 1928

Yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended the “war to end all wars.” The European economy today, though, is in another war – one of survival. It is in shambles, and many factions struggle for power with promises of better times to come.

Last night, however, at a secluded spot in Florida known as Sandy Ring Island, a celebration had occurred. Comrades in arms, wounded in the service of their nations during that Great War, toasted their reunion.

All three had been sent to the same French military hospital to recuperate. There, they had become staunch friends. When the peace treaty was signed, they vowed to be together again a decade after the end of the conflict. At a rustic lodge on the Gulf of Mexico called Sea Breeze they had kept their word.

But this morning, a pall was thrown over last night’s festivities, for a body was discovered face down on the beach behind Sea Breeze. It was the Russian writer, Gregor Manov, another guest at the inn. His skull had been crushed with a large piece of driftwood. Judging from the footprints left in the sand, the deed had been perpetrated from behind while Manov was returning to the Lodge from a late-night walk.

Manov had supported the Bolsheviks during their revolution against the Czarist regime. His works had gained world notoriety as he championed the cause of the common man both in his nation and around the world. He was in the United States by permission of the Soviet authorities to conduct a speaking tour about the advantages of communism.

His reasons for stopping at Sea Breeze were unclear. His schedule had been light, but he broke from it three days ago, finding his way to the secluded spot. His presence only added to the human menagerie that had recently seemed to descend upon the spot. Only through careful questioning and precise logic would motive and murderer emerge.

September Murder Mystery:

Death is a CabernetSeptember 14th, 5:30 PM

Who snuffed the Cabernet King?

November Murder Mystery:

Gobble, Gobble, Death and TroubleNovember 2nd, 5:30 PM

His turkey recipe was to die for!

December Murder Mystery:

Twas the Night Before MurderDecember 7th, 5:30 PM

What will we find under the tree?