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Murder Mystery Schedule

Come to this page for information about upcoming murder mysteries at Silver Heart Inn. If you’ve never been to one of our murder mysteries, here is what to expect.

Screaming Black Cat

October Murder Mystery:

The Cat Screamed at Midnight – October 13th, 5:30 PM

It is October 31, 1936. The European continent is poised on the brink. It has been nearly four months since the Italian Duce, Benito Mussolini, ordered his troops into Abyssinia. Two weeks later, civil war broke out in Spain and Generalissimo Francisco Franco called upon German Chancellor Adolph Hitler to aid the rebel troops with advanced aerial weapons and troops. Less than a week ago, Italy and Germany concluded talks that created the Berlin-Rome axis of power.

In England, King Edward VIII’s coronation is being planned for early next year. His affair with American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson is well-hidden from the public as the British press has agreed to publish nothing about the relationship to avoid a scandal.

The most prominent newspaper to keep the affair clandestine is “The London Daily Truth,” a Royalist-leaning paper owned and published by Sir Hugo Smythe Armbruster. Since the Great War, the newspaper has kept the English citizenry informed of news throughout the world.

Last night, Sir Hugo’s 70th birthday party took place at his country estate, Conifers. The assembled guests celebrated the event in lavish style, not knowing that it would be Sir Hugo’s last.

This morning, Sir Hugo was found dead in the stables. Although the death was at first viewed to be accidental, Scotland Yard took little time to determine that evidence pointed toward murder.

The old gentleman had been a cat fancier, priding himself in the rare breeds that freely roam the grounds of Conifers. It was said that he preferred cats to humans. He had even threatened to leave his vast fortune to The Royal Feline Society rather than have his millions squandered by “fools and scoundrels.” One could only imagine what surprises will unfold when the will is read.

Admission includes:

– Participation in Murder Mystery
– Gourmet Dinner

Overnight stay option. Rooms are limited and on a first-come-first-served basis. Two guests, dinner, room, breakfast and Mystery tickets included. Please call for assistance with this special package reservation.

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November Murder Mystery:

Murder on the Petulant Express – November 3rd, 5:30 PM

It is 1937. FDR is inaugurated for a second term as president, and George VI is crowned King of the United Kingdom. Aviator Amelia Earhart and her navigator disappear, and Howard Hughes sets a new transcontinental airspeed record. In Lakehurst, New Jersey, the German airship Hindenburg explodes in flames.

The Japanese have invaded China, and Hitler is testing his Luftwaffe in Spain. Civilian casualties mount in faraway places like Nanking and Guernica. Many fear that war may soon spread throughout the globe…

In the United States, the streamlined train known as ‘The Petulant Express’ is a marvel of the age. Owned by industrial giant Peter Petulant, the train’s regular journey between New York City and Chicago constantly attracted a passenger list of the rich and famous. On this particular journey, Petulant himself was a passenger on the noteworthy trek, occupying his plush Presidential Car.

But last night after a stop in Akron, Ohio, someone made a permanent alteration to the industrialist’s career. His body was found early this morning in his private car by a porter delivering his breakfast tray. Still holding a crystal champagne glass, Petulant appeared to have died without a struggle, the victim of an unexpected attack.

With a world poised on the brink of war, who would dare trounce a titan of technology? Only effective sleuthing and expert investigative skills will dictate the answers.


December Murder Mystery:

Homicide at the Tacky Sweater Shindig – December 1st, 5:30 PM

Wear your Tacky Sweater and prepare for murder!

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