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Murder Mystery Schedule

Come to this page for information about upcoming murder mysteries at Silver Heart Inn. If you’ve never been to one of our murder mysteries, here is what to expect.

Black Cat at Midnight

January Murder Mystery:

Murder is a Fine Art – January 26th, 5:30 PM

Libby LaBelle, art critic for the influential “Graphic News,” used her vitriolic columns to destroy the careers of many artists. A good review from Libby meant instant success. A bad review could signal the end of the line for the career of even the most talented individual.

When it was announced that impressionist artist Pete Casso was to preview an upcoming exhibit at the Creative Connection Art Gallery, Libby made a point of letting everyone know she’d be there to once again pen a negative review of Casso’s latest masterpiece.

Who would have suspected that the review would never be printed? For in the middle of her acerbic attack, Libby collapsed in a heap on the floor of the gallery, her worrisome word processor silenced forever.

Did someone take the opportunity to do away with her explosive expletives? And what past unknown indiscretions could have prompted the passion? It would take a palette of investigative skills to solve the case and identify the murderer.

Admission includes:

– Participation in Murder Mystery
– You can be a suspect!
– Gourmet Dinner

Overnight stay option. Rooms are limited and on a first-come-first-served basis. Two guests, dinner, room, breakfast and Mystery tickets included. Please call for assistance with this special package reservation.

Tickets for the next Mystery are available online here.


February Murder Mystery:

Love Writes a Deadly Verse – February 16th, 5:30 PM

Love is in the air at the Valentine’s Day meeting of the Poets Turntable as this group of amateur and professional writers focuses on amore, liebe – yes, LOVE! Romance abounds when each member rises, in turn, to thrill the audience with similes, metaphors and word pictures that make even the coldest hearts beat faster.

Who could keep a dry eye as words of passion flow from the lips of the talented troupe of winsome wordsmiths? Surely, the night would be one when emotions take the front row and thoughts of ill will are left dangling in the wind. After all, the spoken word is the expression of deep-seated feelings.

But, in the midst of this memorable assemblage, one of the poets staggers to the podium and after uttering a few cryptic words, is overtaken by death. Someone has done in a fellow Turntable member in the midst of one of the year’s most sentimental events.

Who would spoil this spectacular with such a dastardly deed? And, was this an act that had been planned, or simply a crime of passion at a moment when true feelings were allowed to flow?

It’s time for poetic justice as everyone gathers to investigate the death and to find the culprit who turned Valentine’s Day into a bad rhyme.


March Murder Mystery:

Death Plays a Role – March 16th, 5:30 PM

The death scene seemed all too real!


April Murder Mystery:

Murder, She Rhymed – April 27th, 5:30 PM

In 1928, in a town run by gangsters, her limericks predicted her fate!


June Murder Mystery:

The Curse of the Comet – June 8th, 5:30 PM

An ancient curse and lost treasures. What could go wrong?


August Murder Mystery:

Evil on the Beach – August 10th, 5:30 PM

November 12, 1928. Ten years after the Great War ended, all was not forgotten!

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