The Murderer has been Caught!

From our first Murder Mystery Weekend,

October 11-12, 2013

What excitement, what fun! A fabulous weekend event on the most perfect fall weekend.  The weather was gorgeous and we were ready to deduce the murderer in our first ever Murder Mystery.

Friday Night – Meet the Suspects

The guests and suspects arrived as arranged by the Inspector to recount their testimonies for the sleuths on Friday night at the Cork and Barrel.  While we sipped on the celebrated vintage of the Melee Winery, each in turn recalled their memories of the party the evening before the body was found.  All emotions ran high, some seemingly disturbed by the news of the body found at the bottom of the winery basement stairs, other callous comments seemed incriminating.  Could it have been an accident?  The Inspector thought not!  Who did it if it was foul play?  A solemn tone had been set as we all left with the Inspector’s warning lingering in our ears, “You won’t get away with this.  One of you is guilty!”

Saturday Morning – Interrogations

All were once again gathered at the request of the Inspector on Saturday morning.  Information had been discovered overnight.  We could tell she had her own suspicions by the way that she eyed each suspect.  She asked for our help, and told us where to find the suspects in their regular haunts on a Saturday.  But this would not be just any ordinary Saturday, they would be questioned.  Maybe a little slip or perhaps an unintended comment about another suspect would prove helpful in flushing out the guilty party.  Someone was hiding something.  The plot thickened after each suspect was located on the Square or in the Englewood Arts District.  Little insidious connections became evident.

Saturday Afternoon – Snacks & More Questions

Food Spread
By noon we agreed to meet at the Silver Heart Inn B&B for a bit of hard earned refreshment and some time to share our clues with others.  This was no simple murder mystery.  The coroners report held a few clues.  It was more challenging than we thought!  As we sipped on our mulled cider, nibbled cinnamon doughnuts and caramel apple bites, each testimony revealed more twists, turns and conflicting information.  Questions came rapid fire, we were deep into the excitement of solving the crime.  Sleuths headed back out for a few more hours attempting to catch the murderer unawares.

Saturday Night – The Murderer Revealed

We met at Vivalore where we gathered in the 3rd floor art gallery. A “last chance” to confess was issued by the Inspector at the dinner table.  There would be no easy escape for the guilty one once revealed.  An arrest was about to be made.  No one confessed.  All around the table glances were passed, the knowing looks of those who shared secrets they believed no one else knew.  Oh, but we did, and now it was time to tell.  Tongues were plied with a bit more wine.  The Inspector stood….

You didn’t really think that I was going to reveal the murderer, did you?  You will just have to reserve your spot for the next Murder Mystery at Silver Heart Inn.  Check this blog for details on future Murder Mysteries. You can conveniently purchase tickets online, or by phone. If you’ve never been to one of our Murder Mysteries, here’s more about what to expect.

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