Visit the Harry S. Truman Home This Winter

visit the harry s. truman house this falll

The Harry S. Truman Home is an unassuming piece of American history. Part of a larger National Historic Site, his home, along with the Truman Farm, and the Noland Home combine to create a story of an ordinary man who grew up to become extraordinary. Located in Independence, as well as Grandview, Missouri, these historical sites fit together to form the puzzle pieces of this man’s incredible life. Throughout his whole life, Harry S. Truman never forgot where he came from as he lived there as a young man, then returned for his final years as a former President.

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Harry S. Truman was an American President whose influence was felt long after his administration ended. During his presidency he took the nation into a world of international involvement and relations, making difficult decisions along the journey. Today people get the opportunity to learn what made this incredible man what he eventually came to be.

The Harry S. Truman Home where he lived with his wife, Bess, is the beautifully and carefully preserved longtime home of the 33rd president. The home is part of the larger National Historic Site in which the Truman Farm site, as well as the Nolan Home, are included. Visitors will get a sense of what life was like for the president living in Independence and experience the town and surrounding area from his perspective. Here are 4 fun ways to explore the Harry S. Truman Home and National Historic Site!

  1. By taking a guided tour of the Harry S. Truman Home you’ll get a glimpse into the personal lives of the Truman family. There are thousands of artifacts on display that help to illustrate the life of the 33rd president. The white Victorian Style house was built by his wife Bess’ grandfather. The two were married on the grounds of the home. This home also tells the story of Bess and how she helped shaped history as well. You’ll be able to understand how this “uncommon common man” had such an impressive political career but still remained grounded to his roots.
  2. A visit to the Truman Farm in Grandview, Missouri is part of the Harry S. Truman Home and National Historic Site in which you’ll get a chance to look into the young adulthood of this extraordinary person. The farm today includes the home on 10 acres, on what used to be 600 acres! 22-year old Harry went to go work and live on the farm to help his family. In the 11 years that he stayed there, you’ll see where his determination to do his best came from, as at a young age had to take responsibility for the farm. You can walk the grounds of the farm to see where and how the people’s president was shaped.
  3. The Noland Home is right across the street from the Harry S. Truman Home. Here is where the president’s cousins lived and fate would bring Harry and his future wife together. Much renovation and rehabilitation have had to be done on the structure in order to repair it to its former glory. The historic interior and exterior features have been beautifully restored to tell the story of this chapter of American history.  There are free self-guided tours you can take in and around the home.
  4. Go for a walk along the Truman Historic Walking Trail and literally walk in the footsteps of the 33rd President who was known for his vigorous walks for mental and physical health. Beginning at the Harry S. Truman Home Visitor Center, this 2.7-mile trail through Independence has 43 stops along the way. This trail features important places in the life of Harry S. Truman that are each marked with a plaque to explain the connection to the President.

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